The Versatility That Portacom Buildings Offer Businesses

Portacom buildings are an excellent option for any temporary or longer-term sites, events and constructions that might need extra building spaces. Most commonly used at construction sites, portacom buildings can also be used at concerts, community projects, events, and large-scale installations. Read on to find out the most common uses and how they can best help your specific site or project.

Site Offices

Practical, compact and portable site offices are a necessity at many construction sites. They are ideal for working across all seasons providing a comfortable and professional place to work from and secure important documents and records. Portacom buildings can be hired for long term or quick jobs.


For health, safety and professionalism, portable sheds are the perfect smoko and lunch break solution. They are fitted out with insulation and durable hard-wearing materials that protect against the elements and are maintenance-free. The main use of portable lunchrooms is to give your hard-working staff a space to eat or enjoy a cuppa in all seasons and environments.

Relocatable Buildings

One of the main benefits of relocatable buildings is that they are highly customizable for any variation of buildings you may require. Various floorings can be chosen, and if it’s a kitchen space it can be fully kitted out with built-in tables, bench seats, sink benches and hot water units. There’s a multitude of features that can be chosen from in our combo relocatable buildings, such as built-in electrics, plumbing and heating.

Portable Toilets

There’s no denying this is a necessity! There are various options when it comes to portable toilet facilities, from smaller sheds to larger units with multiple toilets, to separate men’s and women’s toilets with extra features.

Community Projects, Concerts and Events

Concerts and events require temporary mobile cabins and office spaces, especially outdoor events. They can be used for temporary cafes, changing rooms, and offices for staff. They are ideal for short-term concerts, events and festivals as can be easily delivered and good-to-go, and for longer-term projects such as large-scale installations or community events, the delivery and use is just as easy.

Interested in finding out if a portacom building for hire can help with your site or project? Get in touch with Just Sheds today and we will answer any questions you may have.

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