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Six Qualities to Look for in a Workplace Portacom

Are you hiring a portable building to set up camp on your worksite? When it comes to renting a portacom, you need more than just four walls and a power point. To help you choose wisely, here are the top six qualities your portacom company should offer.

A suitable office space

Any office on site must be practical, cost-effective and hard-wearing. It needs to look professional and offer sufficient space. And, of course, a portable office should come with built-in power points and lights, making connecting to the power on site a breeze.

Combo buildings

Do you require more than just one room? Two offices, shared amenities, or an office and a smoko room, perhaps? Most of the time, people are after more than one single room and you shouldn’t have to worry about getting separate buildings and setting them up yourself. Instead, choose a company that offers combination relocatable buildings complete with everything you need.


Look, it’s not something anyone wants to spend too long thinking about, but if you’ve got staff working in the middle of nowhere, they need a portable ablution. Our portable toilets are reliable and versatile, with options for different sized blocks, separate gendered toilets and multiple toileting options. Give your workers the privacy and comfort they need with quality portable ablutions.


You need your rental portacom to be safe and secure. You need an onsite office where sensitive documents can be kept tidily away from prying eyes. A workplace where staff can feel safe, even in the dark. Somewhere people can feel relaxed and at ease while they eat their lunch. Our portable buildings promise security with their strong steel base frames, aluminium sliding windows with optional safety grilles, and dead-bolted doors.

Warmth and comfort

Any remote workplace needs to offer its staff the basics in comfort: a warm, ventilated and bright place to eat lunch and work. Our portacom buildings go above and beyond the bare necessities: they are comfortable with insulated walls and ceilings, hard-wearing floors and windows for fresh air.

Delivery to your site

It isn’t easy to transport a portacom building on your own, so make sure you find a company that will do this on your behalf. At Just Sheds, we deliver our portable buildings across the North Island – Northland and Auckland, the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and anywhere north of Gisborne and Taranaki. We will organise delivery by Hi-Ab trucks, dropping off and collecting on time and with ease. Plus, we almost always have some available even at short nice.

Need a portacom building for your worksite? We’ve got just what you need – call Just Sheds today on 0800 555 508.