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Six Ways to Turn a Portacom Into Your Ideal Onsite Office

Portacoms offer you an on-site space where you can work, hold meetings and store important documents. But if you’re spending the bulk of your time working out of a relocatable building, you might be missing the comfort, ease and aesthetic of your brick-and-mortar office. If that rings true, here are six tips to turn a portable office into your ideal workspace.

Include the necessities

While you aren’t able to have all the bells and whistles of a modern-day office, a temporary workspace can certainly include the necessities. Will staff require a computer and internet connection, file storage and a printer, a tape measure and a calculator? Consider what is needed and make sure it’s available.

Think like an interior designer

A portacom has everything you need for an onsite office, but it’s also pretty basic. Put on your interior designer hat and transform the room into a motivating workspace. Hang professional posters with your company logo up on the walls; use drawer dividers to minimise clutter; have shelving systems in place for efficiency and include little touches – a potted plant or a piece of artwork – that mirror a permanent office.

Consider comfort

There’s nothing like a comfortable desk chair and an ergonomic workstation to improve mood and productivity. Even if it is only a short-term work situation, you’d be surprised how valuable good quality office furniture can be. Hire, buy or send some good quality furniture from your head office to your portacom.

What about toilets and breakrooms?

Is a single office enough for your worksite or do you need more: an additional office, an ablution block, a breakroom for lunch and morning tea? It all depends on the amenities nearby, the type of work you’re doing and the number of people on site. Assess the situation right from the start and make sure you include all the facilities you need.

Opt for extra security

You’d never leave your office unlocked at the end of the day, so treat your portable office with the same respect. Always deadbolt the lock at the end of your shift and opt for security grilles that will ensure your documents are secure even when you’re not around.

Choose a great portacom company

Team up with a reputable portable building company offering good quality, high-performing portacoms in New Zealand. A company that is experienced and reliable, understands what businesses need when it comes to onsite offices. Plus, find a company that will deliver the building to your worksite, saving you the time and hassle of relocating it yourself.

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