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Keep Your Site Workers Warm in Winter with Portable Buildings

With snow on the Desert Road and skiers heading to the slopes, winter is well and truly here in the North Island. While the cold weather is great when you’re curled up by the fire, it can be a hard time of year for staff on temporary work sites, making quality, insulated portable buildings an absolute necessity. Here’s some tips on keeping your workers warm in winter.

Hire a portable smoko room

If you’ve got staff working outside in winter, offering them a warm and comfortable space to take a break is essential. This is where they can escape the elements and relax over a hot cuppa tea or coffee. A place to warm their hands and regain the dexterity needed to do their job. It’s where they can heat up their lunch and refuel for the afternoon.

Our portable buildings are designed to keep workers comfortable and safe regardless of what’s happening outside. Built on a steel base, our portable lunchrooms have insulated walls and ceilings, durably vinyl floors, fit up to 18 people and are fitted out with the ever-important zip hot water units.

Offices for site staff

Whether it’s an ongoing construction job or a fly-by-night project, temporary work sites need a portable site office – especially during winter. Hire a quality, insulated portable building where your site supervisors, engineers and health and safety officers can work comfortably and efficiently.

Go with New Zealand made

Nobody knows the demands of a NZ winter better than Kiwis. When you’re looking to hire a portable building for your site, choose a NZ made company, like Just Sheds!

Create a culture of safety

Compliment your warm portable buildings by fostering a culture of safety on your work sites.

Dress appropriately – make beanies, back up jerseys and layering the norm and remember, keeping feet, hands and heads warm is most important.

Offer breaks – on those especially cold days, it’s far better to offer breaks than to end up with hypothermic staff. If it’s freezing cold or the rain is bucketing down, make use of those insulated portable sheds.

Know the signs – have a first aid kit and warm blankets on hand and beware of the signs that someone is getting too cold – excessive shivering, shallow breathing and confusion signals it’s time for a warming break indoors.

Keep site workers warm with Just Sheds

If you have workers or builders in Tauranga, Northland, Auckland or Hamilton onsite, or anywhere north of Gisborne and Taranaki, your workers will be toasty warm when they’re inside one of our portable buildings. Call us and hire one today – 0800 555 508.