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Why Your Next Auckland Event Needs a Portable Building Hire

From concerts to festivals to sporting events, Auckland hosts endless events throughout the year. Whether you are hosting an international superstar, offering a fun day out for local families or anything in between, almost every occasion in the city can benefit from a portable building hire. Here’s why your next event should include a relocatable building from Just Sheds.

Be a good host

If your event involves musicians, artists or performers of any kind, you need to provide them with a space to change, relax and hide away from the crowd in between shows. Offering your main attraction a comfortable, spacious and private space is an important part of a successful event. It will keep them happy and safe, so they perform their best while on stage. Our portable buildings for hire come in various sizes, so you can easily cater to anyone from a single performer to a large band.

Offer your staff smoko and lunchrooms

Give the staff and volunteers who make your event possible a space to go and eat lunch, take a break or have a cuppa tea. Our portable smoko and lunchrooms offer built-in tables and bench seating, sink benches and zip hot water units. With insulated ceilings and walls, and space for up to 18 people at a time, they give your hard-working staff a place on-site to unwind, rain or shine.

There’s no alternative to temporary toilet blocks

It’s nobody’s favourite topic, but the reality is this: if you’re hosting an event in Auckland, you need to provide a toilet for your guests, performers and staff. A portable toilet block that easily connects to the on-site water and sewer systems caters to the needs of visitors and keeps your event running smoothly.

You need secure spaces

Safety should not be a concern for event staff or performers. At Just Sheds, all of our relocatable buildings are secure, fitted with sturdy doors, deadbolts and optional security grilles.

Portable building hire is a cost-effective option

Whether you want to hire our relocatable buildings for a month-long festival or a single day show, our portable buildings are an affordable option. There’s no minimum time for hiring a building, we can customise the unit to suit your needs and they’ll be delivered promptly to wherever your event is being held.

Hire a portable building for your next Auckland event

Auckland is a busy city with many cultural, sporting and family-friendly events scattered throughout the year. Make sure your event is a hit by hiring a portable building or toilet block from Just Sheds.