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Five Reasons Why Your Temporary Worksite Needs a Portable Office

A productive worksite has space to store documents, accommodates workers and provides room to design, plan and deliberate. Instead of trying to work out of a makeshift building or a company car, your site really needs a portable building as its site office. Designed, built and ready to be shipped across NZ’s upper North Island, Just Sheds has just what you need. Here’s what makes our relocatable buildings the perfect option for your temporary office.

They keep your documents safe

If you have any sensitive paperwork or confidential documents, you need somewhere safe to store them. All of our portable buildings are built on a strong steel base and come with robust doors and sturdy deadlocks. You can even opt for security grilles for even more peace of mind. By using one of our relocatable buildings as a site office, you’ll get the assurance you need that your documents are secure.

Workers can hear themselves think

Whether it’s to calculate material requirements or deal with an unexpected hiccup, engineers, consultants and foremen need somewhere to think things through. An office gives them a break from the hustle and bustle of site – away from the noise, the workers and any other distraction – so they can make well-considered decisions.

There’s room for meetings

Building and construction sites are where the hands-on work happens, but there are also plenty of times when planning, deliberation and discussions need to occur. Having an portable office available offers sufficient space for impromptu meetings or onsite consultations without wasting time driving back to the office or looking for a local café.

Portable buildings provide cost-effective office space

Building a permanent structure on your work site is not cheap, especially if it’s only going to be used for a short period of time. A far more affordable option is to hire a portable building that’s already been designed, constructed and set up with your needs in mind. Available for short or long-term projects, relocatable offices come with the necessities for your staff, from electrical to plumbing, insulation to heating.

You’re doing your bit for the planet

Hiring a portable building for your site office is a sustainable option that limits your carbon footprint. Our buildings are used over and over again, so materials are not being wasted or chucked away once the project is complete. Plus, you are giving staff space to work so they don’t have to drive back and forth from the office to site, wasting precious fuel.

Give your site staff a high-quality portable office

They’re good for your workers, good for your project and good for the planet. Get in touch with Just Sheds about getting a portable building sent to your site in Northland or Auckland, Tauranga or Hamilton today.