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How to Make the Most of Your Portable Building

Many construction sites make use of practical portable site offices, lunchrooms and bathrooms. They are a necessity for many sites, providing a sheltered and ideal place to work from and take breaks. One of the best things about portable buildings is that they are highly customisable and you can fit them out in various ways. Read on and find out how to make the most of portable buildings for your site.

1. Confirm your site requirements

You’ll want to make sure you select a building that is fit for your specific requirements and site. Just Sheds portable buildings are designed specifically for the rigours of the construction and commercial sector. Do you need site accommodation, offices, lunchrooms or toilets? Firstly confirm your requirements, then you can set about having buildings provided specifically for your site.

2. Ensure they are made of the highest quality materials

You’ll want your buildings to look great on-site, but also for them to be practical, robust and with the flexibility to customise them to include special extras to suit your specific requirements. Look for a secure, comfortable building, built with high-quality materials. Just Sheds portable buildings are constructed on a strong steel base frame, so they are ideal for any site environment. They have dead-bolted doors and aluminium sliding windows. Panel walls and ceilings and insulated to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Make sure you select a building that is insulated, so it stays comfortable throughout all seasons.

3. Pick your extras

Customise your space with vinyl or carpet flooring, depending on what best suits your site. You can also have additional security grilles installed as optional safety measures, so you will feel confident that your important documents and records are safe and secure. Lunchrooms can be kitted out with built-in tables, bench seats, sink benches and zip hot water units, which will provide staff with an ideal place for breaks and to enjoy a cuppa and their lunch. By selecting the right size of your building, all of your staff will have the room they need for working and enjoying breaks.

4. Connect utilities

Great portable buildings will have built-in lights, making them very easy to connect on-site. You’ll want to ensure there are powerpoints too, so you can connect up tech such as computers in your office, phone chargers or any extras you bring in to the lunchroom such as a microwave or toaster. One of the best things about portable buildings is that they are portable! Since they are relocatable and temporary, whether long term or short term, there’s no need to worry about longer term utilities, just connect them on-site and you’ll be good to go.

5. The final touches

Once you have confirmed your site requirements, chosen the portable building you need, built with high-quality materials, picked your extras and connected utilities – you’ll be ready to go, and can add in any final touches. Perhaps your office space needs desks, filing cabinets, or space for displaying plans. Your lunchroom might benefit from additional comfortable seating, and with the bathrooms just add soap. Once all the basics are checked off, you can add in any furniture that you need.

Inserted in a relocatable portacom office, lunchroom or toilets? Speak to Just Sheds today about portable building rentals today. We deliver portable buildings Auckland wide, as well as Tauranga, and Hamilton – or anywhere north of Gisborne and Taranaki.