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Make Life Easier by Hiring a Portable Building

Sometimes, all it takes to make a difficult situation easier is one quick fix. When it comes to cramped spaces, community events and building projects, a temporary building can be that fix. Read on for five examples of when hiring a portable building can help life run more smoothly.

Construction sites

Renting a portable building is a necessity on a building site. Your workers need a place to have smoko and eat their lunch, while your foreman requires an office to get work done, keep documents in order and meet with the engineer or client. Hiring a safe and secure portable building is the best way to cater to everyone’s needs on site.

Events and festivals

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to hosting a community event or festival. Renting portable buildings takes away the headache of organising a spot for entertainers to get changed, staff to take a break, and merchandise to be sold. They’re comfortable, convenient and versatile. Plus, you’ll no doubt need some temporary toilets for guests and hosts alike.

Extra space for a growing business

If your business has taken off faster than you can keep up with, you may be in need of some extra space fast. Finding appropriate office is not a decision to rush into: you want to take your time and secure the perfect workplace. By hiring a portable building, you can carry on with your growing business efficiently and take the time to look for a new office. Our temporary office buildings are professional, efficient and can be quickly delivered to Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton, or anywhere else north of Gisborne and Taranaki.

Building a new home

You’ve bought a piece of land and are building a new home, but the excitement has worn off when you discovered how long a process newbuilds can be. When you’re sick of paying rent on top of your mortgage and want to be living on your own land, a temporary building is perfect. As a bonus, you get to watch the visual progress as your house starts to take shape.

Granny flat

If you have a grandparent or other relative who comes to stay for long stints, a sleepout will make life much easier for everyone. It gives your guest independence, and your family doesn’t have to shift everything around inside, avoiding arguments with children who now need to share a room. Our portable buildings for hire can be converted into comfortable and convenient granny flats that make everyone happy.

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