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Ways to Wow Clients with Your Portable Building

Whether your relocatable building is being used as a site office, a concert change room or a pop-up restaurant, there are plenty of ways to impress clients and guests. Even though it’s not a permanent structure it can still be eye catching, welcoming and professional. Here’s how to transform your portable building and wow everyone who sees it.

Enhance the aesthetics

We like to think of our portable building rentals as a blank slate for you to build upon. We supply the necessities – a strong base and frame, insulated walls and ceilings, hard-wearing flooring and sliding windows – and deliver it to you. Then it’s your turn to turn it into something that reflects your brand and catches customers eyes.

Order a bespoke building sign; hang some attractive art on the walls; fill the space with quality furniture. And once you’ve finished improving the internal aesthetics, turn your attention outside. Is there any way to improve the outdoor area? Perhaps you can add some chairs for customers, an umbrella for some shade or an outdoor plant.

Keep it tidy

It doesn’t matter if you have a portable building or a permanent one, professionalism hinges on your ability to keep the space clean and tidy. Make sure desks aren’t cluttered, keep documents in orderly filling cabinets and have lidded rubbish bins on hand so wrappers and tissues don’t end up on the ground. If you’re also renting ablutions, make sure they’re regularly cleaned.

Cosy touches

Putting in the effort to make the space inside your portable building more comfortable reflects well on how you treat your staff and your work. While you’ll want to keep it appropriate for your particular industry, small touches like comfy seating options and carpeted floors, heating and insulation, tea and coffee facilities are all excellent ways to add a little comfort to your portable building.

Consider a bespoke space

If the ready-made site offices aren’t cutting the mustard, Just Sheds can build a portable building to suit your individual needs. Whether you’re after a specific size portable building, different door and window configurations, or anything else, we can help create a bespoke space to suit.

Choose a quality portable building company

The most important factor in impressing clients is to use a high performing portable building in the first place: one that looks smart, is functional and hard-wearing, versatile and secure.

To rent a high quality portable building anywhere from Northland to Auckland, The Waikato, Bay of Plenty and anywhere north of Gisborne and Taranaki, talk to Just Sheds today.