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Six Secrets of a Productive Portable Workspace

One of the biggest challenges when you turn a portable shed into an office is that it can feel temporary, lacking the structure that contributes to productivity in a traditional workplace. But it doesn’t have to be this way – there are plenty of tips to turn your portable site office into a well-oiled machine. Here are six tips you can use to boost the efficiency of your portacom.

Offer headphones

A common feature of traditional workspaces, headphones let people enjoy their favourite tunes and shut out external noise so they can concentrate. If you have multiple people working in a portable shed, offering a pair or two of headphones can create the same effect. It means that if two people are having a conversation, someone else can do calculations, send an email or write a report without distraction.

Consider coffee

It’s a simple fact: most people need caffeine to work productively. If you have a lunchroom as part of your portable site office, stock it with some coffee and tea so your employees can get some much-needed fuel. If not, bringing a kettle and selection of hot drinks into the portacom is sure to make a difference to staff who need a pick-me-up.

Let people move around

Productivity does not come from being glued to a desk all day long. Set up the office furniture in such a way that people are able to move around the portacom freely. Make sure there’s room to stand by their desks and remove any obstacle making it difficult to get outside. It’s a smaller space than an office, so encouraging movement in any way you can is more important than ever.

Have an electronics drawer

Electronics have a huge role in our daily work lives, but sometimes their presence can lead to distraction. Have a designated drawer where employees can stash their iPhones, e-readers and tablets so they can truly buckle down and get some work done.

Personalise your space

If you are the one using the portable shed day after day, make it your own. Bring whatever you need into the workspace to make it feel more homely: a framed family photo or favourite quote. And even if the portacom will be used by different people each day, you can still make it feel less clinical: put a potted plant on the desk, hang artwork on the wall, or lay a rug on the floor. It’s surprising how much personal touches can impact productivity.

Little extras

Do you have a rubbish bin so scribbled notes, muesli bar wrappers and tissues have a place to go? Is there a sufficient stock of back up pens, calculators or paper? Is there a charger on hand, in case anyone’s phone runs out of battery? These little extras are so second nature to working life that you may have never noticed their importance. But if they’re lacking from a portable site office, you will quickly see how valuable they are!

The top priority to setting up your productive workplace is getting a high quality and comfortable portacom in the first place. Talk to the team at Just Sheds about hiring yours today.