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Which Size Relocatable Building is Right for use as an Office?

The right office size makes a big difference to productivity and worker wellbeing. It’s why growing businesses quickly graduate from small flagship offices and move on to more spacious workspaces. But what about when you’re on site? Will just any four walls do – or are there bigger considerations when choosing the best relocatable building for office use?

Asking yourself these four questions will help determine which size and style is best for your portable building.

1. How many people will be working in the office at one time?

Simply put, the more people you have working in your relocatable building rental, the more space you need. Staff need sufficient room to work efficiently, so your office needs to accommodate the specific size of your team. If three or more people will frequently be working at a desk simultaneously, a larger portacom is necessary. If the site office will likely only have one employee in it at a time, a smaller portable shed will do.

And remember, desk space isn’t the only consideration you need to make. The more people there are, the more space you’ll need for them to comfortably move around, store belongings and grab a cuppa tea.

2. What is the main purpose of the relocatable building?

Is your relocatable building to be used as an office largely for making brief notes and storing documents in a hurry, sitting empty most of the time? Or will there be a small army of engineers, planners and foremen frequently knuckling down and getting to work? Will clients come to site for meetings? Is your office going to double as a storage space for documents or equipment? Looking at the scope and scale of your project will help you figure out which relocatable building rental size and layout is best for you.

3. How long will your relocatable building be in use?

The longer the project lasts, the more important it becomes to make sure the temporary space is comfortable and accommodating. People generally don’t mind working in a small space if it’s for a matter of days, but if your job will go on for months on end, the close quarters of a too-small office will quickly get the better of them.

4. What else will your workers need on site?

The relocatable building is just one facility that you need to provide site workers with – but there are certainly other factors to think about. A smoko room gives staff space to take their lunch and morning tea breaks, which is a necessity for people stuck on site all day long. Similarly, the project isn’t going to be very efficient if your staff are dashing down to the nearest café to use their toilets, so an ablution block is another worthy addition to your site!

These four questions are a great starting point for figuring out which portable shed will do the trick on your site. To rent a high quality relocatable building in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton or anywhere north of Gisborne and Taranaki, get in touch with Just Sheds today.