Just Sheds

Just Sheds Helping to Achieve Predator Free 2050 Goal

The Just Sheds team and some of our friends have been helping to repair stoat traps to do good for Kiwi and other birds and help towards New Zealand becoming predator free by 2050. Great work team!

Currently, Aotearoa New Zealand is experiencing a biodiversity crisis. We have the highest rate of threatened indigenous species in the world.

The Predator Free 2050 vision is focused on the complete removal of the three most damaging predators: rats, stoats, ferrets, weasels and possums. Other introduced predators such as hedgehogs and feral cats also have an impact on our native flora and fauna.

Predator Free 2050 has already been a catalyst for action. Individuals, hapū, families and communities have been quick to embrace the goal.