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Keeping The Teenagers Happy with A Portable Building

At Just Sheds we are not just community oriented (check out our Do Good programme), we are also family oriented. We understand space, and we understand that as the family grows larger – or taller – you may just need a little more of it! If you have teenagers in the house they may be pushing boundaries and that’s a really important part of learning how to be independent. What if you could give them what they want and get back some of that peace and quiet you’ve been craving?

Just Sheds Makes Room

During the long months over the summer break (does it get longer every year?!) you and your young adults may be butting heads more than usual. Just Sheds gets that lots of parents are still working from home, and while we have all learned to adjust to a different work set up over the last couple of years, that doesn’t mean it’s become less stressful. Trying to get a full days’ work done with all the distractions of household chores every time you go to get a glass of water is one thing, dealing with bored teenagers bouncing off the walls really levels it up!

Too Much Screen Time

One of the ways to keep your teen quiet so you can achieve what you need to is to park them in front of a screen, this is quite problematic and has become rather too heavily relied on lately. Just Sheds has a great solution for you, a place your teenager can call their own, still on the property, but somewhere they can make as much noise as they like. Our portable buildings are a perfect solution, your teen can have friends round all day long, stay up late without bothering the rest of the family, and make all the mess their creativity seems to inspire without you having to see it every time you walk past their bedroom door!

You Order It, We Build It

At Just Sheds we have some great standard portable buildings, we sell a General and Portable Site Office that comes with power points and lights, dead bolted windows and doors and security grilles for extra security. We also provide a standard Combo Relocatable Building which is great as a smoko space/portable office. Along with our standard portables we also offer a custom build service, you can choose what you want included and we can construct it for you. For your teenage ‘clubhouse’ we recommend you check out our double glazing and fully insulated features, park it a few metres from the house and you could buy them that drumkit after all!

At Just Sheds we are here to find solutions for your peace of mind, get in touch today to discuss how we can make life better together.