temporary site accommodation

Temporary Solutions for Long Term Rewards

Housing is a hot topic across New Zealand at the moment, lots of people are moving out of the centres and into more sustainable living situations and the Tiny House movement is on the rise. There are a lot more people working on their own builds and it looks like this is something that is here to stay. If you are one of the many families across Northland, Auckland, Hamilton, Waikato, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, or north of Gisborne and Taranaki, who are looking at downsizing, sharing land with another family, or simply building a small weekender on a piece of affordable land, Just Sheds has you covered.

Living On-Site

Living on-site while you build can be a great way to save on living costs, get used to the area you are moving to, or make sure you can put in the long days you require to get your project sorted quickly. Some families are hardier than others, some can even stand a few months in a tent while they make their dream happen! At Just Sheds, we have some great portable solutions to make life a bit easier while you undertake your build, and we reckon a solid roof and a few home comforts are going to make all the difference at the end of a hard days yakka!

Stay Warm And Secure

Just Sheds have several standard designed portable buildings for hire that we can deliver to your site that will make the job easier, faster, and more comfortable. We provide a portable ablution block, and we have a range of other portable building options which include insulated panel walls and built-in lights. These portable rooms can have built-in seating, a zip for your cuppa, and they are built with lockable doors and windows for peace of mind.

Domestic Bliss

We deliver your temporary building to your site and we can custom design a layout that is going to work best for you. If you are parked up in a caravan and just need a bit more space for the kids, somewhere to layout your plans, or a watertight spot for tools, a standard combo lunchroom might be the best solution. These have a built-in sink, so you can do your dishes, they also have a capacity for electrical set-up by a qualified electrician – you can pretty easily manage your day to day domestic needs out of a Just Sheds portable building. If you add a portable ablution block your family can be sure of the home comforts while you build your dream home!

If you want to live on-site while you are building we can alleviate potential stress for you and your family, Just Sheds are flexible and reasonably priced, so get in touch today to chat through some options, let’s do things the easy way!