portable building hire

Keeping The Team Happy On-Site with Just Sheds

The building industry is booming in New Zealand and despite the challenges of the past few years, when the materials are available it’s all systems go! Being a tradesperson at the moment means you have a lot of options, as pretty much all regions around the country are suffering a shortage of qualified builders and labourers – particularly the Bay of Plenty. When you have a major project on the go it’s all about the right team to get the job done right. At Just Sheds, we support you and your team to have the best on-site experience possible.

Securing The Dream Team

We’ve all heard the cheeky saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ – what about ‘happy team, living the dream’! Nothing feels better than when you have your dream team working the hours to get the project in on time, the banter is great, everyone is showing up on time and there is just the right balance of skill and experience on board to make it smooth sailing – it can even make a workday a pleasure. Just Sheds have a few portable building solutions to help you strike that great balance.

Sit Back & Relax

The key with great staff is to make sure you keep them once you have them, this means making sure the moments where you down tools and take those much-needed breaks are replenishing. The first step to making sure productivity and morale remain high is to sort out a break routine that makes it easy for everyone to get back to the tools on time, a Just Sheds Portable Smoko/Lunchroom is just the ticket. This is a hard-wearing, insulated solution with a sturdy steel base that can comfortably fit up to 18 people.

Zip Zap!

All Just Sheds Smoko/Lunchrooms have a built-in Zip hot water unit and built-in tables. There’s space to plug in a toaster and a microwave, and a sink for the washing up. These spacious units have aluminium sliding windows, security grilles, and you can deadbolt them to keep unwanted visitors out after hours. We have these available now for hassle-free delivery in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton and anywhere north of Gisborne and Taranaki.

Pie and a Cuppa

Providing a warm, hospitable space on-site means less time spent tracking down team members that have headed out to the pie shop and lost track of time – you could even plug in a pie warmer! Making sure your team feel taken care of is what Just Sheds does best, so before you get your first labourer on-site, give us a bell and chat Portable Smoko/Lunchrooms, Portable Ablution Blocks and providing your admin staff with a Portable Site Office.

Just Sheds keep the workers happy and you may even come in ahead of schedule.