portable building hire

Renting a Transportable Building for a Remote Work Site

If you are planning a construction project off the beaten track you can’t go past Just Sheds for a temporary accommodation solution for your onsite team. Just Sheds currently deliver our portable buildings just about anywhere from Northland, to Auckland, Hamilton, Waikato, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty and anywhere north of Gisborne and Taranaki. This includes spots outside of the centres where it may be necessary to head out for a good stretch of overnighters.

Keeping Your Team Comfortable

To keep your team feeling well taken care of it pays to have a secure accommodation option and a decent ablution block. At Just Sheds our portable buildings go the extra mile for comfort with proper insulation, a choice of vinyl or carpet and built in lights. You can choose from a variety of sizes which would be suitable to use for overnight accommodation, and if you pick one of Combo Relocatable Buildings you get a zip, a sink and optional seating.

Optimise Work

When you are setting up to really dig in and get some work done, you need your rest, and you need to be able to get a hot meal in at the end of the day. Just Sheds portable buildings can be easily wired up on site so you can plug in a microwave or a benchtop cooker. The windows open so you can access ventilation while you heat up your food, and the insulation means that when you pack it in for the night your team are going to get a comfortable night’s rest.

Get It Done with A Decent Dunny

Adding a Just Sheds ablution block is a no brainer for remote jobs. Dealing with flimsy toilets with no running water won’t cut it when you are working hard at a remote location. Taking care of your crew when it comes to the bathroom will make for a happier team, and a happier team are always going to work to the best of their ability. We can supply a Portable Ablution Block that accommodates men and women and it adds a level of professionalism to your site when you have the bathroom business well taken care of.

Whatever your portable building requirements Just Sheds are on board to meet them, if you can’t see it on our website give us a call for a chat.