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We’re Keeping Your Staff Warm and Healthy This Winter

As the winter closes in, there is still lots of work to be done! A lot of construction sites are revving up at the moment as long-awaited materials finally start turning up from overseas suppliers. You want your team to hit the ground running, and when the temperature begins to drop, you must make sure that when your crew are on a break, they are being taken care of properly. That’s where Just Sheds shines; we work hard to keep the building and construction industry supplied with great ways to add a little convenience and comfort to your work day.

Keeping Spirits Up

A happy team is a productive team, and with Just Sheds, you can ensure that smoko is a rejuvenating break. A hot cuppa and a place to warm up some food are essential practicalities if you want to keep things humming on-site, and when you choose a Just Sheds portable building, you give your workers somewhere they can really relax when the temperature drops outside.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Just Sheds portable buildings are available in just about any size, and we can tailor a solution that will work specifically for your construction or building site. We offer a range of seating options, and all our Portable Smoko/Lunchroom options can be rejigged to comfortably accommodate up to 18 people!

Sturdy Construction

These great transportable sheds include built-in lights, sinks and Zip hot water units. There are outlets to plug in a toaster and microwave, and you can be sure to maintain security on site with sturdy doors that have a deadbolt for locking up at night. These hard-wearing portable cabins from Just Sheds are fitted with vinyl flooring, so muddy boots indoors are not an issue; they are easy to clean and include a sturdy sliding aluminium system for a bit of fresh air when you need it.

Onsite Options Disrupt Drift

Having an onsite option for lunch and morning and afternoon tea where the crew can heat up a meal is going to mean less drift over break times. Productivity remains high if you are not dealing with half the team still waiting for their lunch down at the chippy when they should be back on the tools. By providing a Just Sheds Portable Smoko and Lunchroom on-site, you may just save yourself some hassle and some cold hard cash!

Whatever your needs across the Portable Building landscape, Just Sheds has an intelligent solution to keep productivity high and your team happy. Get in touch today to chat through your needs and discover how we can make work life a bit more comfortable all around.