site office hire

How an Organised Site Office Helps Streamline Your Business

Running your construction site efficiently and safely can spell the difference between a profit and a loss on your project. There are so many different threads to pull together to ensure that your clients, your employees and the relevant governing bodies are all being kept straight with paperwork and keeping documentation flowing and organised translates to a less stressful experience all around. Just Sheds supplies a fantastic set of options for your on-site office that will keep your admin team warm, dry, organised – and with a finger on the pulse of your project.

First Impressions Count

When running admin on-site, you need to be certain that visitors have a strong point of contact when they are coming through. A Just Sheds Portable Site Office placed at the front gate will greet visitors with a professional entry process during the work day, and it will provide any nighttime security personnel with a safe vantage point to keep your site free of unwelcome visitors. Our portacom offices are built strong with a steel base frame, and each office space is fully insulated. Along with visitors, an onsite office means your construction crew know where to come with a question, a notification or an injury – it’s good business sense to have everyone taken care of from a central hub.

Comfortable and Customisable

On top of keeping your team comfortable in all weather, we offer customisations across the flooring, so you can add a little warmth to the space with carpeting – or offset the muddy boots tramping in and out with an easy-to-clean vinyl flooring option. All Just Sheds offices have lights and built-in power points; you can add a bit of ambience with lamps, plug in a toaster, and charge up your devices easily and safely.

Choose Your Size

Working to serve construction and building sites across Auckland, Tauranga, and Hamilton – or anywhere else north of Gisborne and Taranaki, our crew are able to deliver you one of our small portable offices – or we supply a larger two-room office space. Each Just Sheds portable office comes with standard dead-bolt doors and security grilles over aluminium sliding windows. We also offer some great Portable Ablution block options to pop alongside your office, including a male/female combo and hot and cold running water mixers to keep hygiene on point.

If you are looking to run a topline professional site, Just Sheds is a no-brainer. We have everything you need to keep things humming along; give us a call for a chat today.